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UKS2 Science Cycle A Breakdown


Forces and Mechanisms

This project teaches children about the forces of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction, with children exploring their effects. They learn about mechanisms, their uses and how they allow a smaller effort to have a greater effect.


Earth and Space

This project teaches children about our Solar System and its spherical bodies. They describe the movements of Earth and other planets relative to the Sun, the Moon relative to Earth and the Earth's rotation to explain day and night.



Human Reproduction and Ageing

This project teaches children about animal life cycles, including the human life cycle. They explore human growth and development to old age, including the changes experienced during puberty and human reproduction.



Properties and Changes of Materials

This project teaches children about the wider properties of materials and their uses. They learn about the reversible mixing of materials, including the process of dissolving, and how mixtures can be separated. Irreversible changes, such as burning and rusting, are also observed.