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Childhood - Autumn


This project teaches children about everyday life and families today, including comparisons with childhood in the 1950s, using artefacts and a range of different sources.


Suggested text

 Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge – Mem Fox

Memorable experience

Childhood past and present

Innovate challenge

Childhood knowledge organisers


Historical vocabulary; Historical artefacts; Timelines; Everyday life and childhood in the 1950s; Significant events – Queen's coronation; Enquiry


Autobiographies; Non-chronological reports; Riddles


Settlements; Changes over time


Stages of life; Changes

Book List

The 1950s (My Family Remembers) Waterstones AmazonKathryn Walker 
Toys and Games (Ways Into History) Waterstones AmazonSally Hewitt 
Toys (Info Buzz) Waterstones AmazonIzzi Howell 
Home Life: Through the Years Waterstones AmazonClare Lewis 
Entertainment: Through the Years Waterstones AmazonClare Lewis 
Getting Around: Through the Years Waterstones AmazonClare Lewis 
Family (Tell Me What You Remember) Waterstones AmazonSarah Ridley 
The Great Big Book of Families Waterstones AmazonMary Hoffman 
How Will I Grow? Waterstones AmazonMick Manning 
The Story of the Windrush Waterstones AmazonK.N. Chimbiri 
📗 📘 Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge Waterstones AmazonMem Fox 
Lost in the Toy Museum: An Adventure Waterstones AmazonDavid Lucas 
Old Bear Waterstones AmazonJane Hissey 
Once There Were Giants Waterstones AmazonMartin Waddell 
Me and My Family Tree Waterstones AmazonJoan Sweeney 
Who's In My Family?: All About Our Families Waterstones AmazonRobie H. Harris 
My Grandpa is Amazing Waterstones AmazonNick Butterworth 
My Grandma is Wonderful Waterstones AmazonNick Butterworth 
Grandad's Island Waterstones AmazonBenji Davies 
Grandma's House Waterstones AmazonAlice Melvin 
Alfie and Grandma Waterstones AmazonShirley Hughes 
The Paper Dolls Waterstones AmazonJulia Donaldson 
The Outside Is Inside Waterstones AmazonJoe Morwood