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Assessment & Reporting

Tracking of Children’s Progress

While the SATs (in Year 2 and Year 6) would usually tell parents if their child is Working Towards the Standard (WTS), at Age Related Expectation (ARE) or at Greater Depth (GD), here at St Luke’s we track the children across all years. To do this we have a system where we expect children to make 6 steps progress and the ‘average child’ will end the year as a W+ or S. For example, children in Year 4 we expect to be a 4W+ or 4S while children in Year 3 are expected to end the year as a 3W+, 3S or 3S+. The exception to this is where children are Above the Expected Standard in which case, we aim to keep them there. Where they are Below, the aim is to do everything we can to get them to the Expected Standard.

While it would be nice if all children made one step progress each half term, resulting in 6 steps over the year, this is never the case. In reality, children make progress and then they plateau. Sometimes they need more time to absorb the next thing; other times they need to practise and consolidate what they are not quite sure of. Ultimately while we can aim for 6 steps progress over the year it will never be as linear.