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Maths No Problem

As a school we have been introducing the Maths scheme Maths No Problem to our children. Below is information for the parents originally share in the Summer of 2019 as part of a parent workshop.

Schemes of Work 

These schemes of work is taken from the Maths — No Problem! Primary Maths Series, which is fully aligned with the 2014 English national curriculum for maths. It outlines the content and topic order of the series and indicates the level of depth needed to teach maths for mastery.


Maths — No Problem! syllabus is based on the model developed in Singapore, which has been tested and refined over the last 30 years.


Our scheme of work demonstrates the spiral approach used in the programme, which builds pupils’ depth of understanding and mathematical fluency without the need for rote learning. Learning is presented in small-step, logical sequences organised into individual lessons with a title indicating the focus of learning for that lesson. The sequence of lessons is carefully organised with clear lines of progression.


This scheme of work provides:

  • An overview of the national curriculum topics covered during the school year by term.
  • A full lesson breakdown for each national curriculum topic and the learning objective for each lesson.


The topics are colour coded to reflect the national curriculum content domain strands. This also allows you to see when the different topics are introduced and revisited.


Please note that the time allocated to each topic is only provided as a guide and is not meant to be prescriptive. The concepts are broken down into a number of lessons, which offer small-step progression for the most struggling of learners. As such, teachers can use their professional judgement to combine two consecutive lessons into one session as appropriate for their learners.