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We want all children to leave St Luke’s being able to identify different styles of writing in different contexts. Children need to be aware of the reader when they write and make adjustment for this and the purpose of their writing. Developing their writing through use of punctuation, stamina to write a range of cohesive pieces, accurate spelling, correct tenses, use of a range of vocabulary and for all to be legible.

To achieve this:


  • Children are taught to write effectively for a range of purposes and a range of readers, adapting their style and vocabulary as appropriate.
  • Children are encourages to write with interest, imagination and enjoyment.
  • Children are given the opportunity to write a range of genre.
  • Skills are developed so that work can be evaluated and developed.
  • Spelling is taught and strategies are given for all children to become confident and accurate spellers.
  • Handwriting is taught so that a fluent and legible style is developed promoting an understanding of how work should be well presented.
  • Punctuation and grammar is taught to make meanings clear to readers.
  • There is a cross curricular approach so that all expectations are the same over a wide range of topics and experiences.
  • The use of I.C.T. is encouraged to record work in a variety of ways.