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Year 5 Spellings - to be tested 1st March 2024 - statutory words

Group A                                        Group B

apparent                                       average

cemetery                                      bruise

controversy                                   develop

environment                                  equip

exaggerate                                    forty

pronunciation                                 queue










WTTT - Monday 12th February 2024 - Information text about climate change

Over summer, challenge yourself to learn more of the Y5/6 and Y3/4 spellings




Extra challenge. Can you still spell all of the words on the Y3/4 statutory word list?


Look in the remote learning page to find different ways to practise the spellings. 


Mathletics is set on a Thursday and to be completed before the following Thursday

Y5 Mathletics

Y6 Mathletics

You can find more information and helpful resources by using the link below:
More information, help and detail on how or what the school assigns for homework can be found by using the link above.