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At St. Luke's, we believe that appropriate behaviour should be taught and modelled. The foundations for this are built on the positive relationships that we build with our children. We strongly believe that it is important to have a whole school approach. This involves providing a structured school environment with clear expectations of behaviour, well communicated social routines, all of which are reinforced with highly consistent consequence systems. This is paired with an individualised graduated response when the behavioural issues might be as a result of educational, mental health or other vulnerabilities.

We praise in public, we reprimand in private.


It is important to understand behaviour; what has happened/is happening to the child? This approach supports our restorative language, rather than seeing an individual under a negative label. Relations and connection underpin all behaviour policies and interventions, rather than punitive approaches that can result in disconnection and exclusion.


We understand that children will, at times, make poor choices and our restorative approach gives children the opportunity to learn from these. Therefore, following an incident, the adult involved will have a restorative conversation with the child based around 'The Magic Script.'

Behaviour Policy

At St. Luke's we have clear and consistent expectations of our children, regarding both the standard of their work at school and their behaviour. A key element of this approach is our Behaviour Policy. This has been developed by teachers, support staff, parents and children, and has been endorsed by our governing body, and is available to download in the link below.


The children are taught:

  • Respect
  • Politeness, care and consideration for others, including visitors and helpers;
  • That fighting, bullying and being unkind are not acceptable ways of behaving;
  • To be pleased and proud of their achievements and successes and those of others;
  • To help each other;
  • To show care and respect for our school environment;
  • To be proud of themselves and their school;
  • To strive to do their best and to develop resilience.

Online Behaviour

Behaviour online, both whilst at school and at home, is an increasingly important area where we need to work together with parents to ensure that our children are able to use the internet safely. As a school your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us. We also accept that a large majority of children are using the internet at home, including accessing programmes that can be harmful if not used in the correct way. As a school it is our duty to ensure that children and their families are using the internet safely and understand how to monitor this.