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Welcome to Bay and Olive classes ...


Our key information can be found in the 'Meet the KS1 Teaching Team' presentation which includes staff, topics for the year, maths, reading, writing, spelling, homework, PE (days and kit) and contact information.

Thank you for all of your support this past half term. The children have all worked so hard and produced some great work related to Wriggle and Crawl. Thank you for your support with all of these activities.

We hope that you can all relax and enjoy some family time over the half term.

As we move forward and to next half term our new topic will be:-


Bright Lights, Big City.


We therefore have some activities which you may like to look at and see what tempts you, if you have the opportunity over the holiday. We look forward to seeing what you choose to develop - it may be one or you may complete all of them if you have time! Enjoy and have a lovely, safe and relaxing holiday.


  • Four countries make up the United Kingdom. Use an atlas, map or the internet to find out the names of each of the four countries and the surrounding seas and oceans. Print off a blank map of the United Kingdom and label the four countries and surrounding seas and oceans on the map. Mark the place where you live. Maybe you could produce an information poster. Can you include landmarks, people, human and physical features of these places?



  • Why not repeat this activity for the city, town or village where you live? How are London and the place where you live similar or different?



  • Who is the current monarch of the United Kingdom? Find out as much as you can about them, using a range of sources. Draw a picture of them and write a list of facts to go with your illustration.



  • Take a walk around your local area. Make a list or draw pictures of the physical and human features that you find. If you draw pictures, label each one.



  • Use an atlas, world map or online maps to look for a world city, such as Paris, Berlin, Lagos, Tokyo, Moscow or Barcelona. Choose one that you think looks interesting and use information books and the internet to help you to find out about the city. Write interesting facts about the city on a mind map









Additional information on the teaching of Mathematics and how to support your child at home can be found:

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