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Welcome to Apple, Plum and Elder class


Our key information can be found in the 'Meet the LKS2 Teaching Team' presentation which includes staff, topics for the year, maths, reading, writing, spelling, homework, PE (days and kit) and contact information.

Spring Term 2024

Rocks, Relics and Rumbles

In the Rocks, Relics and Rumbles project, your child will learn about the different layers of the Earth, including plate tectonics and their potential effects on the Earth's surface. They will investigate different types of rock to learn about their uses and properties. They will also investigate soil and fossils, including learning about the work of Mary Anning. They will have the opportunity to use maps to learn about the lines of latitude and longitude and a compass to learn about the cardinal and intercardinal points. They will also learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis and the long and short-term consequences that these can have.

Suggested text

The Firework-Maker's Daughter – Philip Pullman

Memorable experienceLet's rock!
Innovate challengeRed alert!
GeographyLayers of the Earth; Rocks; Plate tectonics; Ring of Fire; Features of volcanoes; Lines of latitude and longitude; Volcanic eruptions; Earthquakes and tsunamis; Compass points; Maps
EnglishNon-chronological reports; Poetry; Newspaper reports; Diaries
HistorySignificant people – Mary Anning; Pompeii
MusicGraphic scores
ScienceRocks; Fossils; Soils





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