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Ancient Civilisations Book List

Archaeology: 100 Facts Waterstones AmazonJohn Farndon9781786170545
Sumer and Ancient Mesopotamia (Technology in the Ancient World) Waterstones AmazonCharlie Samuels9781445142630
Daily Life in Ancient Sumer Waterstones AmazonNick Hunter9781406298581
Ancient Sumer (Explore!) Waterstones AmazonRachel Minay9781526300898
Ancient Egypt (DK Pocket Eyewitness) Waterstones AmazonDK9780241343548
Ancient Egypt (Facts and Artefacts) Waterstones AmazonAnita Croy9781445161860
Geography Matters in Ancient Egypt Waterstones AmazonMelanie Waldron9781406291254
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Waterstones AmazonDon Nardo9781406288070
The Ancient Egyptians: Clever Ideas and Inventions from Past Civilisations (The Genius of) Waterstones AmazonSonya Newland9781445161204
The Legend of Tutankhamun Waterstones AmazonSally Jane Morgan9781526360076
Awesome Egyptians (Horrible Histories) Waterstones AmazonTerry Deary & Peter Hepplewhite9781407178653
Daily Life in the Indus Valley Civilization Waterstones AmazonBrian Williams9781406298574
Indus Valley Civilisation (Facts and Artefacts) Waterstones AmazonTim Cooke9781445161938
📗 📘 Secrets of a Sun King Waterstones AmazonEmma Carroll9780571328499
Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs Waterstones AmazonMarcia Williams9781406338324
Tutankhamun's Tomb (I Was There) Waterstones AmazonSue Reid9781407197876
Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx (Brownstone's Mythical Collection) Waterstones AmazonJoe Todd-Stanton9781911171829
Casting the Gods Adrift (Flashbacks) Waterstones AmazonGeraldine McCaughrean9780713674552