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Our Wonderful World

n the Our Wonderful World project, your child will learn the meaning of the terms geography, physical feature and human feature. They will use maps, including picture maps, globes, online mapping tools and world maps. Your child will learn to use positional language, such as next to and behind, and directional language, such as forwards and backwards. They will also become familiar with the cardinal compass points, north, south, east and west. They will learn the names and positions of the continents and oceans of the world and understand the terms equator, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. They will also know the location of some hot and cold places. They will study maps to learn the names, capital cities and positions of the four countries of the United Kingdom and find out the characteristics of a village, a town and a city. They will study aerial photographs and spot familiar areas of their locality from above. Your child will carry out simple fieldwork to find out about local physical and human features.

Suggested text

Here We Are - Oliver Jeffers

Innovate challengeGeographical enquiry
GeographyPhysical and human features; Picture maps; Cardinal compass points; Equator and hemispheres; Continents; Oceans; Countries and capital cites of the UK; Protecting natural environments; Fieldwork

Book List


📗 Recommended text

📗 Here We AreWaterstonesAmazonOliver Jeffers9780008354749
Collins Primary AtlasWaterstonesAmazonCollins Kids9780008319458
Reading a Map (Life Skills)WaterstonesAmazonEmma Huddleston9781644934227
Map Maze Book (Usborne)WaterstonesAmazonSam Smith9781474921466
Show Me the Continents (My First Picture Encyclopedia)WaterstonesAmazonPamela Dell9781474733588
Oceans and Seas (Water, Water Everywhere!)WaterstonesAmazonDiyan Leake9781406283921
Hottest Places on the Planet (Extreme Earth)WaterstonesAmazonKaren Soll9781474712644
Coldest Places on the Planet (Extreme Earth)WaterstonesAmazonKaren Soll9781474712637
The United Kingdom (Info Buzz)WaterstonesAmazonIzzi Howell9781445159546
Villages, Towns and Cities (Let's Explore Britain)WaterstonesAmazonJames Nixon9781474759045