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Learning Characteristics

Learning Characteristics and the Learning Pit


In 2018 the school looked at the children's biggest barriers to learning and it was very clearly identified that the many of children had a fear of failure. Since then we have been on a journey with the children to develop learning behaviours across the whole school. We have developed our own list of Learning Characteristics that we strive to show every day which works alongside key ideas of the The Learning Pit (James Nottingham 2007) which encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone.


We are creating a culture of challenge, curiosity, reflection and resilience. 

Learning occurs when you step out of your comfort zone. And yet, many people are hesitant to take this step for fear of making mistakes or revealing their weaknesses.


The Learning Pit can help to encourage and reassure learners that taking risks, asking questions, and trying new things can help them develop their abilities and deepen their understanding.

The Learning Pit draws attention to the idea that learning is a struggle, intentionally showing thoughts of confusion and frustration. Its purpose is to reassure, not scare, so that when learners find themselves floundering, they can take comfort from knowing that is a normal part of the learning journey.

At St Luke's we support our children's journey through the Learning Pit by regularly referring to our Learning Characteristics:


Taking RisksBeing InquisitiveMaking Links


Children are regularly rewarded for showing these attitudes through our Marvellous Me app which allows parents to know immediately, through mobile updates, what successes their child has been having in school and also allows for conversations at home linked to this learning.