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Data protection

Privacy notice

St Luke’s Church School respects you and your child’s privacy when you use the Organisation’s services and is committed complying with privacy legislation.


The information below is what is referred to as a ‘Privacy Notice’ which explain how the Organisation uses and protects your personal information.


Before we start, if you look to the left of this webpage you’ll see a list of services that the Organisation provides. Under each service is more detailed information about how we use and protects your personal information, simply click on the link to find out more.


St Luke’s Church School has a Data Protection Officer whose role it is to ensure that any personal information processed by the Organisation is processed fairly and lawfully (respecting your rights and ensuring we follow the law). If you have any concerns or questions regarding how we look after your personal information, please contact the our Data Protection Officer through or by calling 0333 032 2970.

Please be advised that not all of this data is shared with everyone listed. We only share data required for that particular function and only the minimum required.


The following documents are published to help parents / guardians understand their rights when making Data Protection related requests of the School. It is closely related to the content of the Statutory Requests for Information Policy.


The Parents Guide to Subject Access Requests (SAR) clarifies when you are able to make a SAR and how to make a request, as well as outlining timescales and what happens if their child is over 12.