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Magnificent Monarchs

Magnificent Monarchs - Summer

In the Magnificent Monarchs project, your child will learn about English and British monarchs from AD 871 to the present day and consider how the power of the monarchy has changed over time. They will study six significant sovereigns; Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and the current monarch, Elizabeth II. Finally, they will choose which of the sovereigns that they have studied is the most significant.


Suggested text

Queen Victoria's Bathing Machine – Gloria Whelan

Memorable experience

English and British monarchy timeline

Innovate challenge

Magnificent Monarchs board game


Historical vocabulary; Historical periods; Timelines; Power and rule; Historical artefacts; Significant people - Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror; Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Elizabeth II; Bayeux tapestry; Feudal system; Actions and impact; Historical models


Information leaflets; Kennings poems; Comic strips


Significant places – royal residences

Book List
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Kings & Queens: 100 Facts Waterstones Amazon Miles Kelly9781782093732
Kings, Queens & Palaces Colouring Book Waterstones Amazon Historic Royal Palaces9781406377606
Kings & Queens: Queen Elizabeth II Edition Waterstones Amazon Tony Robinson9781782955542
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The Queen's Castle at Windsor: Fortress, Palace, Home Waterstones Amazon Elizabeth Newbery9781785512155
See Inside Famous Palaces (An Usborne Flap Book) Waterstones Amazon Megan Cullis9781409523475
Big Picture Book of London (Usborne) Waterstones Amazon Rob Lloyd Jones9781409598718
Royal London Picture Book (Usborne) Waterstones Amazon Struan Reid9781474930178
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Henry VIII (Popcorn: People in History) Waterstones  Stephen White-Thomson9780750284134
Elizabeth I (Popcorn: People in History) Waterstones Amazon Stephen White-Thomson9780750284127
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📗 📘 Queen Victoria's Bathing Machine Waterstones Amazon Gloria Whelan9781416927532
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Ron the Royal Guard Waterstones Amazon Deano Yipadee9781912858408
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