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UKS2 Homework

Text messages, emails, websites, blogs and podcasts. There are so many ways to communicate. Learn how to set up a class blog and build a homepage on a subject of your choice. Suggest ways to improve your school website, and hopefully the headteacher will listen to your ideas. Discover the movers and shakers in the world of technology, the people who’ve shaped the modern world. Perhaps you might be a visionary for the next generation. Build robots and circuits, break codes and investigate gadgets galore. Why not write a thriller narrative in the style of Anthony Horowitz? Then, on request from MI99, build a website for a new Spy School. What pages will it need? One for gadgets? A secret lunch menu? You decide. Let’s start today on Tomorrow’s World.

You can find more information and helpful resources by using the link below:
More information, help and detail on how or what the school assigns for homework can be found by using the link above.


Reading for 15 minutes.

If reading a fiction book, summarise the chapter or part of the book you have just read into 2 sentences.


If reading a non-fiction book, write choose 5 pieces of technical language and write a glossary for them.



Times Tables Rock Stars

Complete 15 minutes to help practise and consolidate skills.











Mathletics Assignments

Yr 5 - Geometry, Shape & Angles

Yr6 - Revision of your choice