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KS1 Homework

Write to the Top

This week, for Write to the Top, you are going to write a recount of our bread making. 


Can you order our instructions?


What did you do first, next and finally? 


Your Task: Over the weekend, draw pictures and write key words to remind you of the order of our instructions. Practice telling the sequence of events from the beginning to the end. 


How tasty was the final piece of bread?


Have fun!

This week's homework...


   Here you will find your child’s homework for the week ahead.

  We have a suggestion for homework that can be completed across the week:-

  Monday – spellings

  Tuesday – maths

  Wednesday – Purple Mash

  Thursday – maths

  Friday – Write to the Top will be set and this needs to be talked through ready for your child to write on a Monday



       It is recommended that reading takes place every day. Children who are using the Accelerated Reader system will continue to select books from the library on a Friday. These can be read at home and then returned to school when ready to quiz on.


        For others the following approach will continue this half term:-


             Monday and Friday – books selected linked to the letters and sounds taught during the current week


             Wednesday – a picture book will be selected


T           Tuesday and Thursday – a selection of your choice. Books from are available to                        select and Epic which you may have signed up to with the class code.



        The rules for the spellings are below – children will be tested on the rules and challenge words on a Friday. They              will be asked to write a dictated sentence.  

   Spelling rules for week beginning 5th July are as follows:-


Year 1s

Year 2s

Adding prefix ‘un’ without any change to the root word.






Challenge words





Add suffix less






 Challenge words









Year 2s Mathletics

There are new activities which have been set for this week.

Remember if you complete these you can return to any previous activities.

Year 1s Mathseeds

New activities have been set for this week.  Please email if you need further activities.
Family maths discussion activity

Year 1: Piggy Bank

Year 2: Halves

Purple Mash - New activity set


       The children have enjoyed using Purple Mash this term. This is a secure platform that they can access on a tablet or           PC. Year ones use their Maths Seeds login. Year twos use their AR login. Look for the 2do section at the top. Have fun!


Topic Resources

Phonics Resources

More information, help and detail on how or what the school assigns for homework can be found by using the link above.