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Everyday Materials

In the Everyday Materials project, your child will learn that materials are what objects are made from. They will observe and identify objects made from different materials in places familiar to them, such as their home and school. They will name and use their senses to explore a range of natural materials using hand lenses and digital microscopes, learning that natural materials come from the world around us, including the ground, plants and animals. They will name and use their senses to explore a range of objects made from human-made materials, learning that they are new materials made by people from natural materials. They will write scientific questions about a chosen object made from a human-made material, its features and its use in the object, revisiting their questions during the project to see if they can identify the answers as their knowledge builds over time. They will compare a range of objects made from different materials, putting them into groups according to their similarities and differences and explaining their groups. They will identify the properties of a range of materials, learning that materials can be described by their properties and that a property is a quality a material has that makes it suitable for a particular use. They will follow instructions and conduct various tests to determine different materials' properties. They will complete Venn diagrams, sorting objects according to the properties of their materials. They will complete their learning by investigating materials to determine which have suitable properties to make bunting, which will be used to decorate the school grounds.

Innovate challengeLet's investigate focus: Observing, measuring and recording
ScienceMaterials; Natural materials; Human-made materials; Grouping materials; Properties of materials; Venn diagrams; Comparing and testing materials; Working scientifically – Identifying and classifying, Observing changes over time, Comparative test, Pattern seeking, Research

Book List


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